Since the founding of ALLGRILL in 2011, the company has committed itself to providing grill enthusiasts with an unparalleled grilling experience. With specialized features like individually configurable models, the revolutionary circulating air system, and elegant design in black stainless steel, ALLGRILL sets new standards in the grill sector.

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Allrounder L

Allrounder L

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Close-up view of an ALLGRILL grill with meat skewers and vegetables on top
Three grill pans arranged side by side on a long grill grate
Close-up of a grill abundantly stocked with meat and vegetables
Two small, cast-iron pots containing assorted grilled vegetables
A cast-iron baking dish with grilled vegetables covered in melted cheese
Four breaded steaks on a grill grate next to a pot with a parsley plant
A large silver ALLGRILL grill in a designated garden area with stone flooring and a canopy
ALLGRILL outdoor kitchen with various extensions including a refrigerator, a sink, and two steak zones

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